Go Remote USA

breaking barriers for justice involved people.

Empowering Futures, Breaking Barriers, Reducing Recidivism

What do we do?

We transform the lives of justice-involved individuals, providing online learning, career training, and peer-to-peer mentorship programs. We foster personal mastery and create job opportunities within inclusive communities, working in tandem with local organizations to truly make a difference.

Why is this needed?

Individuals involved in our justice system often face barriers such as stigma, limited job opportunities, and reintegration challenges. Agencies struggle with overcrowding, high recidivism rates, and the lack of effective rehabilitation programs. We are offering a solution to help.

How do we do it?

We leverage peer mentorship and a state-of-the-art learning management system to provide accessible education. Our holistic support services cater to individual needs, while our emphasis on mindset and behavior change equips individuals with tools to lead productive lives, thus reducing recidivism rates.

Can I help?

Do you have a personal connection to someone navigating the justice system or feel driven to effect change? If so, you can make a difference with Go Remote USA. You could volunteer, contribute to our mission as a staff member, or form a strategic partnership with us. Let's work together to make a lasting impact.

About Us

"Education ignites the spark of freedom"

Our mission includes keeping that flame burning bright, fostering an inclusive and specialized virtual work training environment for all.

Our Trusted Partners

Our Mission

Determined Destinies

Our mission is to transform, empower, and reintegrate our mentees, fostering their contribution to the workforce and society.

Because no one can do it alone.

Anne-Marie Scherrer

Founder & CEO

Anne-Marie reframes the narrative surrounding justice-involved individuals by emphasizing growth and personal development. She has established the “5 essentials” for foundational growth, fostering self-understanding, and increasing confidence in our students.

Her diverse experiences across various cultures and professions have shaped her inclusive vision and approach at Go RemoteUSA. As a seasoned People Operations Manager, she believes in empowering others—a belief mirrored in her leadership style.

Anne-Marie shares, “Life’s challenges have honed my leadership. They’ve taught me to view issues from multiple perspectives, foster team unity, and persist through setbacks. Hardships are valuable lessons in resilience and adaptability—key qualities of strong leadership.”

"Let's develop awareness beyond our own experiences, and create a “WE” consciousness" ~ Anne-Marie Scherrer


Daleth McCoy

Board Member

Daleth is passionate about advancing equity, improving cultural competence, and breaking barriers. With a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and in Special Education, Daleth has cultivated a unique perspective on trauma, addiction, mental health, and education. Through her extensive personal and professional background, she actively works for a more compassionate and connected local and global community.

"I never said it would be easy. I only said it would be worth it.” ~ Mae West


Jesse Crosson

Board Member & Consultant

Jesse’s profound personal transformation, from a life of addiction and crime to becoming a force for change in criminal justice policy, makes him an ideal candidate for the Board of Directors at Go RemoteUSA. His lived experience of rehabilitation, coupled with his academic accomplishments and work as a journeyman electrician while incarcerated, offers invaluable insights and knowledge.

Since his sentence was commuted by the governor in 2021, Jesse has established himself as a national advocate for responsible criminal justice reform. His foundation, Second Chancer, and its subsequent initiative, Second Chancer Connect, focus on bridging the gap between incarceration and the prospect of rebuilding lives.

With a deep and authentic understanding of the subjects, Jesse is a passionate campaigner for healing, accountability, and reducing violence—the root issues of crime. His commitment to mentoring others on the path of rehabilitation resonates strongly with the ethos of Go RemoteUSA, making him an asset on our board.

"We cannot punish away trauma, addiction, or poverty, which are at the root of the vast majority of crimes."


Troy Null

Board Member

Troy Null, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, brings a comprehensive background and practical experience to the table, making her an invaluable member of Go RemoteUSA’s Board of Directors. Her expertise in providing academic support to inmate students, proficiency in administrative duties, and exceptional skills in post-incarceration case management greatly bolster our commitment to aiding justice-involved individuals.

Troy’s aptitude for assisting clients with housing, job placement, providing competency classes, and tracking parolees is in perfect alignment with our mission. Additionally, her distinguished collaborative efforts with probation departments and adeptness in conducting intakes and assessments for new clients further fortify her contributions to our objective of successful reintegration for our students.

Troy’s unwavering dedication and diverse set of skills notably enhance Go RemoteUSA’s mission of empowering justice-involved individuals through transformative education.

"Empowerment begins with understanding. Each individual we work with carries a unique story, and it's our job to help them rewrite their future chapters. In the journey of reintegration, every step forward counts, no matter how small." - Troy Null

Paul Scherrrer

Board Member & Treasurer

Meet Paul Scherrer, the Director of Finance at Go RemoteUSA. Hailing from Colorado, Paul’s practicality and grounded nature stem from his upbringing on a farm in eastern Colorado, near the town of Limon.
Although trained in Architecture at the University of Colorado Boulder, Paul embarked on a career in the steel industry, bringing his skills to fruition.

Throughout his extensive experience in the field, Paul mastered the art of recognizing the value of earned income and operational efficiencies, resulting in a highly profitable steel fabrication business that spanned several decades.

With a reputation for ethical practices, adherence to budgets, and timely delivery, Paul’s precise approach established his business as a national benchmark. It is truly a stroke of luck for Go RemoteUSA to have him at the helm, expertly navigating our fiscal responsibilities with professional acumen and unparalleled clarity.

"Money is the steel beam that supports the structure of any organization. As we shape it, we must be mindful of its strength and potential. Building a strong financial foundation is about more than just numbers; it's about creating a legacy of stability and growth." - Paul Scherrer

Erin Lakai

Board Member

Erin Lakai is a cornerstone of the Go RemoteUSA Board of Directors, having been part of the foundation since its inception and even serving as a co-owner. As a woman of many passions, Erin effectively juggles being an athlete, a food and climate advocate, and the director of a flourishing business nestled in the Colorado mountains. These diverse roles have sharpened her focus and drive, honing an ability to deliver remarkable results.

Boasting over two decades of experience, Erin is a seasoned independent web developer, freelance IT professional, and skilled webmistress. The digital fingerprint of Go RemoteUSA reflects Erin’s unwavering commitment to detail and years of intensive training.

Those who have the opportunity to work with her soon discover that Erin embodies the spirit of innovation like few others. Her relentless drive for progress is manifested in every aspect of the virtual presence that Go RemoteUSA has carved online. No doubt, Erin’s invaluable contribution has been key to our continued success.

"In the landscape of digital innovation, every pixel matters. It's the attention to these tiny details that constructs the bigger picture. As we weave the future, let's make sure every thread counts." - Erin Lakai


Our Core Values

At Go RemoteUSA, we are dedicated to:


We firmly believe that passion forms the foundation of success, both individually and collectively. We are steadfast in our dedication to fostering a culture that celebrates passion, nurtures its growth, and recognizes its power in shaping our future.


We are committed to promoting a collaborative culture that encourages teamwork, recognizes the power of collective effort, and understands that our greatest successes are those we achieve together.


It's not just about inventing something new, but about fostering a culture that values creative thinking, encourages curiosity, and celebrates disruptive ideas. We are dedicated to nurturing an environment where innovation thrives..


We create an environment where everyone feels valued, heard, and inspired to contribute their best. We believe that by empowering our team and our community, we are not just building a better organization, but a better world.


It's not just about doing business, but about doing it right. We foster a culture where integrity is valued, promoted, and celebrated. Our actions align with our words and our values. We believe that it's through integrity that we can truly make a difference, both within our organization and in the wider community.​

What are Your Core Values?

What values guide your decisions and drive your actions? How do they align with ours?

It may not have made our top-5, but we value conversation and input from all people. Reach out and let us know, what inspires you to help others?