About Us

Welcome to Go RemoteUSA, a dynamic platform dedicated to transforming the lives of justice-involved individuals. Our diverse team of experienced professionals is committed to empowering and enriching the lives of those we serve, striving each day to create positive change and foster brighter futures.

Leadership that Inspires

Our leadership team comprises skilled managers who excel in motivating and nurturing a positive work environment. They recognize the unique strengths of each team member and department, ensuring everyone has a clear path to success. Our CEO, an experienced People Operations Manager, champions the “5 Essentials” for foundational growth, nurturing self-understanding and confidence in our students. Her inclusive vision, shaped by diverse experiences across cultures and professions, is reflected in our approach to personal growth and development.

Open Communication and Strategic Thinking

At Go RemoteUSA, we prioritize open and transparent communication at all levels, ensuring a cohesive and efficient work environment. Our strategic thinking is designed to protect and enhance our reputation, assets, and the future of our organization.

Financial Governance and Analytical Expertise

Our finance team, led by a seasoned business owner from the steel industry, brings a pragmatic approach to fiscal responsibilities. We maintain transparency, accountability, and adherence to regulations through comprehensive accounting services, ensuring a solid and ethical financial foundation.

Continuous Learning and Cultural Competence

We foster an environment of lifelong learning and professional development, with a strong commitment to cultural competence and diversity. Our team’s educational background spans Comparative Religion, Corporate Professional Development and Training, and Criminal Justice. Our advisory board, composed of currently and previously incarcerated professionals, offers a unique ‘behind the wall’ perspective that strengthens our ability to serve justice-involved individuals effectively.

Diverse Expertise for Comprehensive Support

Our team brings together professionals from various fields, including independent web development, administrative curriculum development, team building, fund-raising, marketing and sales, public relations, post-incarceration case management, project budgeting, financial planning, and risk management. This wide range of expertise allows us to provide comprehensive, tailored services that support our mission.

Our Mission: Creating Ripples of Positive Change

At Go RemoteUSA, we believe in resilience and adaptability, and we strive to instill these values in our students. Our dedicated team mentors individuals on their rehabilitation journey, working tirelessly to build a more compassionate and connected community. We invite agencies, potential grantors, and representatives of the justice system to join us in our mission and contribute to a world where personal growth and development are not just ideals, but realities. Together, let us create ripples of positive change and transform lives with Go RemoteUSA.