The Work

The mosaic of our efforts converges on a singular and pivotal objective – to cultivate stronger, safer, and interconnected communities. We are dedicated to building a rejuvenated workforce constituted of rehabilitated, inspired individuals who are not just ready but eager to contribute positively to the economy.

Our work goes beyond just equipping individuals with skills; it’s about embedding a renewed sense of purpose, kindling unwavering determination, and paving an avenue for continuous personal growth and societal contribution. By instilling hope and competence, Go Remote USA aspires to resonate an enduring impact that reverberates through the lives of our students and the vibrancy of our communities.

Go Remote USA’s work is structured to create educational pathways that build upon individual strengths, address reentry challenges, and lead to meaningful employment opportunities.

Our emphasis on mentorship and personal development, with the specific goal of reducing recidivism, exemplifies a proactive approach to social reintegration and community-building. The “Go Remote” aspect also focuses on preparing individuals to take advantage of remote work opportunities, which offers greater flexibility and access to a wider job market. 

What We Do

Remote Courses and Job Opportunities for Justice-Involved Individuals

The essence of Go RemoteUSA lies in dismantling barriers for justice-involved individuals, preparing them not only for personal growth but also workforce readiness. Meticulously tailored, our approach seamlessly aligns with federal agencies, business leaders, and spiritual outreach organizers, to offer innovative solutions that encompass both personal and professional development. Our programs are specifically designed to equip participants with the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to thrive in today’s dynamic job market, thereby fostering sustainable employment and economic self-sufficiency.