Nine Day Intensive

Mentorship MasteryProgram

Empowered & Employed Alumni

Module 1

Trainees explore the significance of mentorship, and the specific goals of the mentorship program.

Module 2

Equips mentors with the knowledge and skills to support individuals who have experienced trauma.

Module 3

Explores the diverse backgrounds of Mentees, emphasizing cultural sensitivity and empathy in mentorship.

Module 4

Concentrates on honing communication skills and active listening techniques and building trust.

Module 5

Centers on collaborative goal-setting, action planning, and monitoring progress.

Module 6

Equips mentor trainees with skills in problem-solving and conflict resolution.

Module 7

Addresses cultural competence and inclusivity and navigate cultural sensitivity.

Module 8

Focuses on the critical intersection of mental health and mentorship, exploring the impact of mental health on mentees.

Module 9

Equips mentor trainees for the digital age, this module delves into the intricacies of Go Remote USA's online learning platform.

Module 10

Guides trainees in developing strategies for identifying mentees' strengths and interests, and guide them in setting realistic career goals.

Module 11

Emphasizes the role of community engagement and advocacy in supporting mentees' overall success by exploring the impact of community connections on reintegration.

Module 12

Explore the impact of mindset, habits, self-talk, self-esteem, and gratitude on mentorship dynamics.


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