Personal Development

March 24, 2022 By AM

A great way to engage in personal development is to take stock of all the small, positive actions you take each day to advance yourself toward success. Many people see the pathway to success as a linear one – however, this is rarely the case! 

A straight, predictable path toward success is extremely rare. More often, people who have reached a major goal or made big changes in their lives would describe their pathway toward those desired results as one full of twists and turns. 

Often, people who are striving toward a big goal may “backslide,” or regress in progress, at multiple points during the overall journey. 

These backslides can feel daunting; often, a backslide encourages people to give up their efforts entirely instead of staying the course and pushing forward. 

Rather than allowing setbacks to determine your overall attitude when you’re working toward a big personal development goal, try focusing on your smaller, day-to-day actions and activities instead. 

Often, the small, positive actions you make each day are more conducive to achieving long-term successes than giant leaps and strides. For example, a person trying to become a successful weightlifter won’t just walk into the gym and lift a massive barbell weight on day one of their efforts, but all the small actions they take each day at the gym for a few months will get them closer to that ultimate goal!