The Speed Check:

December 8, 2020 By AM

A speedtest measures the speed between your device and a test server, using your device’s internet connection. There are several factors that impact the speed recorded by a test.

Factors that impact the speed recorded:

  • The device (phone, tablets, type of computer, etc…) can have very different Wi-Fi and cellular radio capabilities. 
  • You might get one speedtest result on one device and a different result on another, while using the same provider. 
  • Some devices may not be able to measure the full speed of your internet service. 
  • It’s also possible that your Wi-Fi router doesn’t support the full speed of your service.
  • Speed testing services use different servers in different locations, so differences in speeds between testing services are not uncommon.

If the test results show that you have slow upload or download speed, you may want to do something about that.

Before you contact your internet service provider (ISP) or mobile carrier:

  1. Check to see if you have any ongoing downloads 
  2. Or video chat that might be hogging your bandwidth. 
  3. If you do, close those and test again. 
  4. If your Speedtest results still seem slow, you may want to reboot. 
  5. Keep in mind that you might need a higher quality, or new router. We have some FAQs that can further help you.

The speed test is measuring your real-time network connection, so tests taken within a few minutes of each other might vary a little based on network congestion and available bandwidth. 

If your speed test results are significantly different, make sure that you’re testing the same connection. If one device is on Wi-Fi and the other is not, you’re testing the speeds of different connections.

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