What does Explosive Start mean? Copy

June 17, 2022 By AM
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Explosions usually peter out eventually! Believe me, that’s not what we mean here when we share the Explosive Start philosophy. 



There’s power behind an erupting volcano. But once the pressure has dissipated, the eruption stops, and the power and momentum are ended.



This is not how we want you to use the explosive start philosophy.  When you have an intention, mindset, and focus, you are experiencing an explosive start.  This kind of start taps into your energy and enthusiasm. Coupled with habit and routine, athletes around the world explode into their activities and tasks.



If you decided to run a race, there’s no way you could expect to win by dragging yourself to the start line, with hunched shoulders and sleepy eyes! 



Nor could you simply allow yourself to give in to aches and shortness of breath half-way through the race. Why bother entering a race, if you don’t intend to actually do your best and hopefully win!





Some people are fortunate enough to have natural physical stamina, family, and friends cheering them on and can start explosively whenever they want. The rest of us need to create the stamina, invite the cheering section and follow proven methods for … Beginning with the end in mind.



A very well known author and coach, Steven Covey has trained thousands of people to start with the end in mind in his book “Seven habits of highly successful people” 



The best way to reach your ultimate potential, both personally and professionally, is by developing a daily routine and beginning each day, each task, with the end in mind.





There are those who jump out of bed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Others need some kind of wake-me-up rituals. Maybe you are one of those who need something to happen first thing in the morning in order to get going.



Getting out of bed and stumbling into the kitchen to start a pot of coffee before heading to the shower is one ritual used by many who need some time to wake up. 



As you can see by now, everything you are learning is about your time and energy. Are you starting your day with the expectations and mindset that “it’s going to be another miserable day!” or are you ready to change your mindset, your habits, and routines? 



You are the only one who can make these choices. But you are not on your own on this path to successful goals and lifestyle. We are here to help you stay on the track you create for yourself. 



Now, get comfortable, remember what you’ve learned already in Unit one, and move into the videos and learning material in the first lesson of Explosive Start, The Philosophy