September 30, 2022 By AM

We talk to ourselves all the time. You’re probably doing so right now! Self-talk is a very powerful tool. It can propel us to success in our careers, and personal life; generally feeling good about who we are and what we do. Or our self-talk can make us shrink, hate who we are, and generally make our lives miserable. This lesson explores what we say to ourselves, and how to put self-talk to good use on our path to success.

These are the topics students will learn about in Self-Talk:

TYPING Practice
1- 4 Steps to Change Your Self-Talk to be your Ally
2- 5 tips for keeping self-talk positive on a daily
3- 7 Easy ways to think positively and change your life
4- 5 Types of Negative Self-Talk and How to Stop Them
5- The Science Behind Positive Self-Talk
Lesson Content
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